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Greetings All!

Today I really wanted to ask everyone what they really think of the new plan.

I have been really excited and amazed at the numbers of members who have lost 10lbs in 2 weeks, 1 even lost 10lbs in 1 week! Lots of people have been very successful on this plan, although I do wonder what their starting weight was in the first place.

I myself have lost nothing on this plan soo far, in fact I have gained (1lb) since being on the plan and this will be week 3. I am really intrigued to know what to do. I eat ALL my weekly points (always which could be my problem).

I have heard of people eating loads and I really dont feel like I can, in all seriosuness if fruit and veg was not 0, I would be in trouble. Some of the staples of my diet like jacket potatoes and pasta have to be reduced because of the points. Admittedly for the first 2 weeks, the daily points given to me online was different to the points my leader gave me which could be a factor. My breakfast time is a real issue because I need to have filling options that are quick and easy to make because of the time I have to leave the house. So if I have a roll with ham and cheese thats 6 pp already!!!

I really want to feel positive about this plan as well as be postive but I am not losing any weight at the moment.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

What about activity points? Are people still losing depsite not doing any or very little?

Its good to hear all the raving success accounts but is there anyone out there finding this new plan more difficult or having to wait longer to see results?

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  • Post Image clswillow1

    30/06/2014 11:57
    I've decided to go back to the Discovery Plan points system, because that worked really well for me in the past (I lost 3 stones) but I just can't get my head around ProPoints - it's just too flaming complicated! Also, I like my carbs, and I don't like the way ProPoints penalises foods like pasta and bread.

  • Post Image abraham87

    21/03/2014 08:28
    Hi I have just started ww. again with the pro points system , absolute rubbish despite sticking to this plan religiously I am not loosing very much, the fist week I only lost 1/2 lbs, this my second week I have only lost 1/2 lbs again.When I was on the old points plan in 2 weeks I had lost 7.5 lbs , so I am going to stick to the old points of 22 per day. Now wear did I put my old ww points calculator.

  • Post Image weare2

    24/02/2014 07:48
    I joined initially on 1st Jan 2013 and lost 2 1/2 stone in 7 months. Very chuffed with myself. However fell off the waggon over Christmas and put on half a stone. Back on WW Jan this year, and I cant lose a thing. Very frustrating especially as I know I can do it! Just aint happening and I don't know why

  • Post Image batty1982

    03/09/2013 23:33
    works for me. Wk1 6lb wk2 3lb wk3 4lb I eat the same as my oh for our evening meal only I weigh and point mine. I plan my other meals around the points needed for my evening meal so that I know I'm eating what I fancy and enjoy. I then maximise the left over points. Find this so easy to follow but I am organised so I buy fresh meat and portion it before freezing and cook rice pasta and pots in different pans for me and oh so its ready to serve.

  • Post Image rebeccalmay

    15/05/2013 22:52
    I too am in week 3 and have put on 1lb

  • Post Image lezley10

    03/02/2013 11:00
    I am so disappointed! I joined a class last year and lost weight. It crept back on over the year so i signed up on line instead, after 2 weeks i have not lost a pound and yet last year i had lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks. What am i doing wrong?

  • Post Image lorisow

    01/02/2013 12:48
    i'm also on my third week and struggling to lose anyting - i am also thinking about cutting out the fruit for a few week to see if that kick starts the weight lose x

  • Post Image minkicat

    12/11/2012 20:02
    It's useless for me, I haven't lost for five weeks, despite tracking and sticking to it religiously. I also train (CV so not bulking up) 5 days per week. This is the last week I am going to follow this plan and then I am done with WW

  • Post Image khouhg83

    16/10/2012 16:56
    I want to start back on the 'old' system...I lost nearly 9 stone on this...where do I start? I have all sorts of books etc from the old and new system. My head is all over the shop as my weight is really getting me down again plus I just had a tooth out! Any advice on a starting point in trying to get back onto the old plan would be much appreciated. Thank you ladies and gents xxx

  • Post Image vikim71

    13/10/2012 10:26
    It really works I started January 5th 2012 and as of 11-10-12 have lost 61 pounds to reach just under my goal weight x

  • Post Image vikim71

    13/10/2012 10:00
    It really works I started January 5th 2012 and as of 11-10-12 have lost 61 pounds to reach just under my goal weight x

  • Post Image sophierose2012

    11/10/2012 07:57
    I'm having a similar experience. I lost 7 pounds in about two weeks but sine then I'm losing nothing and my weight has stayed the same for 3weeks despite me sticking to the plan. I'm not really sure what to do but I'm cutting out any pasta and cheese to see if that helps.

  • Post Image hill.n1

    08/10/2012 21:06
    I'm exactly the same , 3 weeks in and gained 1 lb . I'm confused .

  • Post Image janicew777

    04/10/2012 15:21
    I lost 9 stone on the old diet. Have put just a little back on but do not like the new plan whatsoever.

  • Post Image janicew777

    04/10/2012 15:12
    I lost 9 stone on the old diet. Have put just a little back on but do not like the new plan whatsoever.

  • Post Image leanbeany

    11/09/2012 17:08
    Im not happy, at first I lost. But 5 weeks in and 1/2 pound off each week, that's not a big deal when your near goal, but at 15 stone! the weight should be dropping off shouldn't it?? I know I am doing things correct and not even using all my weeklys, so Im looking for my old books.

  • Post Image tinkz11

    15/08/2012 11:37
    Daughter has today put on another pound, yet when she stood on the adjoining set of scales actually lost two but the WW leader told her she had to take the first reading....

  • Post Image britthall

    11/08/2012 15:36
    Also, find it difficult for example if eating in a cafe -i have no idea what a jacket potato is - i purchased eating out and shop books as well as calculator thinking it would be a great help - but a jacket potato with beans can be 7 or 17!!

  • Post Image britthall

    11/08/2012 15:33
    I'm struggling, I found 'old' plan easier . Lost 2lb in 6 weeks -worst i've ever done when dieting. I walk briskly daily 40 mins twice daily with dog. I cycle 30 mins on exercise bike - i count everything & have activity & weekly points left each week. This week cutting right down on carbs - but find this difficult. I've had more success with the old diet as well as others i've tried.

  • Post Image carqupo

    10/08/2012 22:37
    Hi there.. I though i was the only one in this situation!! I tried the new propoints system 4 3 weeks, and didn't loose anything at all.. And i wasn't even using the 49 extra points at the end of the week! Why did they have to change it?? I used the old system , and lost 14 kilos in 4 months.. I want to follow the old system, but can't remember the aliments' points..:( so dissapointed wrightwatchers:(


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