How many Pro Points in a Chinese takeaway?

Written by terrymurray on 20/01/2011 12:28 | COMMENTS (3)

Help please. I had a chicken curry and boiled rice from the takeaway last night. I reckon I've got a rough idea of the pp involved but does anyone know how much would be in it? Because I'm a greedy hallion, I had a portion of soft noodles, a portion of boiled rice and the chicken curry. (I was hungry!) I'm pretty sure I'm well within points because I hadn't used any weekly allowance till then, but it would be good to know for sure. Found points for a takeaway portion of rice but so far nothing else. HELP ME!!!

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  • Post Image fleetwood1956

    25/01/2011 10:06
    Go stand in a corner and think about what you have done.............why do I sound like my mother?

  • Post Image terrymurray

    23/01/2011 12:25
    Thanks Anne. I reckon I was ok for points because I hadn't touched the weekly allowance till then, but I won't be having a takeaway again for a couple of weeks. It's a lovely treat but high in points if I can't behave myself! You did well changing your normal choice to something lighter.

  • Post Image annedee53

    22/01/2011 11:09
    I've just got the eat out book which is some help. It doesn't give chicken curry but says 8 for a vegetable curry so maybe add a portion of chicken to that. Boiled rice is 12 per portion in the book but noodles aren't mentioned. I haven't looked but they may be on the Tracker somewhere (Mushroom chow mein is 6 if that helps). Like you I can't resist and had takeaway last night but went for King Prawn, ginger & spring onion instead of my usual cantonese sweet & sour style.


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